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Bread and beer, however, were not among them and the fertile soils of the Nile floodplain produced great quantities of emmer wheat and barley, surpluses that were the basis of state wealth and food for the legions employed in the construction of pyramids, tombs, and a vast array of other public works projects. Arabs in North Africa outside of Egypt found another use for wheat and barley in the form of couscous. Initially couscous consisted of a coarsely ground grain turned into a kind of bran pasta called kuskussù. But as the dish evolved, dough was employed and shaped into sizes ranging from pellets to tiny balls. These were prepared in tiered clay devices within which vegetables, and per- haps mutton were cooked on the lower level and the couscous steamed on top. From North Africa, couscous spilled out into the Mediterranean, where the pasta was regularly added to soups – a practice that gave rise to soups like Italy’s minestrone.

Where’s the Minestrone? an Italian American Explores Italy

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意大利杂菜汤 Minestrone Soup from Chery

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