Do, Did, Done, Doing


I do like going imperial maoseluem architectures all over the world. One of my hobbits is archaeology, such as observing tomb murals , human habitants living culture tracing in the museums or albums. Another favorite is geography. There is a goal or with a question during my travelling is much better for me.


I went visit a historical city built in BC 1600 which is named “Zhengzhou” E 112°42′-114°13′ N 34°16′-34°58′, located in Henan province of the middle part of China from 2001 to 2016. I did a lot of comparison between present and past according to archaeological map atlases and measure tools to try to location those ruins have been mentioned and recorded in the map.

I read a lot of historical books on North Wei Empire (AD.386~534) including its history, art, people, life and foods in Nov-2016. After paper theories study, I took a nine-day trip to go find and visit ancient legend capitals in Helinge’er city which is E 111°48′ N 40°24′ in Nemenggu province and Datong city E 113°3′ N 40°12′ in Shanxi province along rivers side by GPS and map in Mar-2017.


Since the forth quarter of 2018, I have read a lot of books about Coffee including raw beans production, economical and political terms on the trade and market, the developments of coffeehouses and its culture in various countries and areas. And have much focused on how this crop having been playing one of the biggest roles in the world like alcohol and cigarette. Through global coffee observation, I have changed every comprehensible input from Chinese to English in my daily life to get used to quickly response and think in English from Nov-2018 up to now.


I’m trying to take every minute on reading and watching more and more works relative science, nature, culture, entertainment, language and history written or spoken by English native speakers or English translation versions to get as fast as could to understand the world itself, it’s past, present and future would be. I’m outputting and recording them on my own creative website now.

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